Ask the Jeweler: How do I save my watch's battery life?

Ask the Jeweler: How do I save my watch’s battery life?

I have a watch I only wear in the summer. Is there a good way to store my watch to preserve the battery life?

We do not believe it is practical to take steps to preserve the battery life if you plan to store the watch for only a few months. However, if you really wish to do so, removing the battery may prolong the battery life somewhat. We can certainly assist with removal of the watch battery, although we do charge a small fee for this service.

Some people are tempted to pull out the watch stem or crown, in order to stop the hands from moving, under the belief that this will preserve the battery. However, this often does not stop the battery from being used because the battery is still powering the movement even though the hands are not moving.

Pulling out the stem or crown for an extended period of time is generally a bad practice because it can allow dust, moisture and other contaminants to enter the watch, potentially requiring repairs that are more expensive that replacing the battery itself.

We suggest that if you plan to store your watch for many months or years, you should remove the battery to prevent the battery from leaking inside the watch and causing damage. We also recommend that you always keep the crown pushed in or screwed down, when the watch is not in use. Replace the battery every year or two, as the need arises.

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