Everlasting Memories: Repurposed Wedding Bands

Everlasting Memories: Repurposed Wedding Bands

A wedding ring is a lasting symbol of commitment and love, even after a loved one has passed. Though a ring may get buried in a jewelry box or no longer fit, it still means as much as it did the day it was placed a young bride or groom's finger.
This is where custom jewelry design comes in. Many people don't realize the possibilites when it comes to custom design, and really, the possibilities are endless. In this case, a customer wanted to make a new piece of jewelry that could be worn more casually and displayed for all to see. This lovely pendant was made by molding her existing gold wedding bands into heart shapes, then combining them into a work of art that she can keep close to her heart.

Not just any jewelry store can do professional, high-quality work, but Meierotto's has highly-experienced jewelers on staff. Our jewelers have created countless custom pieces from rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. They can also repair jewelry and resize rings.

Bring your precious items to our store and share your ideas with us. You will be amazed at what can be done.

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