Montblanc Fineliner StarWalker SpaceBlue Resin

SKU: 434688
csv_image Montblanc Writing Instruments MB130212

Montblanc Fineliner StarWalker SpaceBlue Resin

SKU: 434688
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Style MB130212
Condition New
Type Writing Instruments
Collection Montblanc, Writing Instruments
Starwalker SpaceBlue looks beyond planet earth and turns towards the stars and the galaxy. Utterly masculine and futuristic, this new StarWalker collection brings a new look for resin cap and barrel, with a design that recalls the intricate structures of the Widmanstätten Pattern, one of nature's most hypnotic creations. All metal parts are coated in dark ruthenium, accompanied by a deep space blue tone for the matte precious resin, recalling the hues of a starry sky. Also the subdome on the cap top, over which the Montblanc emblem floats, comes in a deep space blue colour.

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