Father's Day at Meierotto

by T Meierotto

Growing up north of Kansas City, we cherished the time spent with my father on our farm. I remember the long, hot summers we’d spend together tilling the garden or watering the plants. It was tedious work, but those are the memories I will never forget. My dad always taught me to take great pride in my work, whether it be in the garden or in life itself. The lessons he taught me growing up are something I’ve always been grateful for, so last Father’s Day, I wanted to show him just how appreciative I was.

As I mentioned earlier, my dad loves to farm, and the kind of work he does usually requires the necessary equipment. He always seemed to have the perfect tool for the job, whatever that job might be. For Father’s Day, I wanted to surprise him with something new and useful to add to his collection, but I also wanted it to be meaningful. I was browsing around for quite some time, until I came across the most unique gift. It was the perfect balance between useful and thoughtful. I couldn’t wait to show him.

When Father’s Day came around, our family had a little get together for lunch in north Kansas City. At lunch, we all decided to exchange gifts. I waited patiently for him to get to mine. Finally, when my turn came, I set down a small box in his lap. My father opened up the box, and to his surprise, pulled out a William Henry pocket knife. He was beaming with joy. It was something he never expected, but he loved the utility and the beauty of the knife. I was so happy to see him happy too. I knew then that my mission to find the perfect Father’s Day gift had been a success! My gift to him was not only useful, but it was meaningful, reminding him of the summers we used to spend together.

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