Meierotto Moments: Kyle & Lindsey

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Kyle and Lindsey have a love story for the ages. But first, all of us at Meierotto Jewelers want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kyle for his service to our country in the United States Army. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices that all military members, their spouses and families make daily.

Mutual friends of Kyle and Lindsey set them up on a date and the two immediately developed a connection. After several more dates, their chemistry was undeniable and they realized they had found someone to share the rest of their life with.

Servicemen and women often find themselves learning to adapt in difficult situations. Kyle's experience in the military is not different. As Kyle and Lindsey's relationship continued to blossom, Kyle learned that he would soon be stationed overseas in Korea.

While the news provided it's own set of challenges for the new couple, it also reassured what they already knew to be true. They could not bear to live without each other, especially on opposite sides of the world. 

Kyle knew it was time to look for a representation of his love and commitment to Lindsey and reached out to us. After being paired with one of our sales executives, Holly, we quickly learned this would not be the average engagement ring purchase. Luckily, with technology, Holly was able to create a unique buying experience for Kyle while he was overseas. Kyle had the opportunity to view many options by photos and videos that Holly shared via texts, emails and phone calls. 

Kyle and Lindsey - by @TheInspiredImp

Although Kyle was thousands of miles from our store in the hear of the United States, Holly was able to make finding the most spectacular engagement ring as easy as falling in love with Lindsey.

It is not often that we have the chance to be a part of a wonderful moment oceans away, and we cannot thank Kyle enough for choosing us to partner with.

We wish this beautiful couple safety in their travels and service to our country and endless happiness and love in their marriage. 

Kyle and Lindsey

Photography by @TheInspiredImp


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  • Karen Fuchs

    What an amazing story! Kyle & Lindsey – congratulations and best of everything for your future together! And, Kyle – thank you for your service! Holly – great job! I am very impressed with this level of service & caring for your customer! ❤️

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