Outside The Diamond - Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

by Skye King

At Meierotto Jewelers, we pride ourselves in having a large selection of jewelry for every style and budget, especially when it comes to engagement rings. More and more, we’re seeing engagement shoppers look past a classic solitaire ring and choosing a piece that really showcases their personality. From bright gemstones to mixed metals to custom settings, if you are looking for a non-traditional ring, we are here to help.

Go For Color

Swapping out the center stone for vibrant colored gemstone is a common way we’re seeing brides change up the tradition. Try on a stunning sapphire or a light and airy amethyst, the options are truly endless. We have a large collection of gemstones to help you pick the perfect color.

Anything But Boring

Our in-house jewelers and design experts can help create a unique setting straight from your dreams. Maybe you’re inspired by vintage engagement rings or craving a whimsical design with a mix of metals, we welcome your creativity.

Artistic Design

Our collection of Todd Reed rings for example, offers unique textures, mixed metals and raw diamond cubes. A ring from Todd Reed is an artistic way of elevating your engagement while expressing your individuality.


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